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(SOCANIN: a profitable proposition)

Over time, Man has developed his knowledge in countless areas due to his curiosity, his thirst for learning and his quest to improve his lot.

No offense to the Leonardo Da Vinci’s of the 21st century, this craze for the evolution of knowledge at the service of humanity has led to the creation of specialists in various aspects of society.

Da Vinci had multiple talents. He was admired by critics as an artist, by humanists for his universal knowledge and scientists for his inventions.


There will always be these women and men capable of handling the bow and hammer with as much dexterity. However, the tireless development of skills has led civilization to create more and more specialists in as many sectors as there are needs.




The examples of this trend, that became reality, are incalculable and they are found in an unlimited number of circles.

There was a time, not too long ago, when a professional hockey team was led by a single coach. A kind of on ice.

Today, it’s customary to see two or three assistant coaches behind a team bench alongside the head coach. Each of them is a specialist responsible for a feature of the game. Whether for the defensive brigade, the power play or the general strategy to be adopted, each specialist coach puts his knowledge and experience at the service of team.

In the medical field, due to the growing needs of the population, it had become completely natural to create the position of specialized nurse practitioner. These have a background of clinical experience to which is added advanced training in nursing and medical sciences.

No matter the field they work in, these specialists play an important role in a team that includes colleagues who are experts in their own areas.


An amalgamation of specialties that has become unavoidable because of the constantly renewed needs.



This approach to specialization has gone beyond individuals. It has spread to firms in several fields.

It was during the 1980s that the concept of the appeared. At first, this notion was more specifically known in the legal field, in the United States. These establishments were known as boutique law firms that included a small number of lawyers, each with their own specialty.


While these companies did not compete in terms of size with major law firms, they did offer equally diverse and more personalized services to their clients.

Moreover, some of these firms could voluntarily specialize in specific niches, such as family law, corporate law or criminal law.

This approach has spread to other specialties including those related to the construction field.



Due to the very nature of these boutique firms you will not see them appear in tender documents or government lobbyist lists.

Their reality in terms of marketing and promotion is quite different.

The approach to potential customers is more direct and personalized which corresponds, in every respect, to the services they offer.

SOCANIN, for example, has undeniable expertise in project management with a team of specialists in the supervision of risks and opportunities related to construction in the fields of infrastructure, industrial and institutional.

For many promoters, whose objective is to invest to obtain results, the fast track is to associate with large firms whose name and reputation are not always a guarantee of success.


And yet, by digging a little deeper, these promoters could discover in SOCANIN a “boutique firm” whose expertise and approach would allow them to save time and money.

That’s an offer hard to ignore.


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