Other Project Support Services


SOCANIN provides audit services which allow us to leverage our field experience and compare the current state of your project with the expected milestones and the general baseline.

After studying any deviation, our team can check if all critical elements are in place, to ensure a successful, on-time and on-budget project while respecting the scope of work. When necessary, recommendations can be put forward before moving on to the next project phase.

As such, our interventions need to be considered in all phases of your project:

Strategy & Preliminary Design

When defining and planning a project, our services assess its feasibility, studying needs, as well as any internal and external factors potentially impacting it. Critical success factors are not taken for granted.

In smaller interventions, our audit services ensure the proper team and partners are in place, budgets and timelines are realistic and the project as a whole is ready for the next stage.

Engineering, Procurement and Project Control

Rigor, integrity and freedom of action are fundamental values related to the success of any project. SOCANIN’s expertise allows you to confirm that all procedures and processes are carried out properly, from the preparation of plans and specifications, to the coordination of bidding documents and supplier selection.

The negotiation of procurement contracts on industrial project is a critical expertise. SOCANIN’s talented team, supported by an integrated project management system to optimize purchasing process, provides significant added value.

Analysis of the plans and specifications prepared by our professionals allows you to ensure your needs and objectives are achievable without cost and schedule overruns. Lead time for ordering and installing equipment must be well estimated at the very beginning of the project to prevent ambiguous tenders, poor designs and scope changes. Our procurement specialists will indicate and clarify any critical considerations.


During construction, it is not uncommon to witness cost overruns and additional delays that could jeopardize the viability of a project. SOCANIN can help you take the best decisions, after a joint assessment of the situation and the identification of all possible solutions and compromises.

Commissioning & Start-up

Project commissioning & start-up bring about their share of unforeseeable events. Our experienced staff will respond quickly and proactively during this final stage of your project, to get things moving forward. SOCANIN can also carry out post-mortem analysis and other initiatives tied with your project’s completion.

In today’s competitive environment, no one can afford to take risks for granted – whether organizational, financial, technical, contractual, environmental or otherwise – and allow them to turn into a real problems that can affect the company’s overall performance. Furthermore, every business should leverage and strategically capitalize on opportunities that present themselves.

In this context, it is important to realize that the management of risks and opportunities creates substantial added value, allowing businesses to protect themselves and take advantage of situations that would otherwise adversely affect their performance. The rigorous application of this process brings project managers and corporate individuals to question their decisions rightfully and take better business decisions.

SOCANIN has the experience, methodology and tools needed to implement project management processes.