Power for tomorrow

Sensitive to global climate changes and the environment, SOCANIN demonstrated, early on, a particular interest in projects associated with the Energy industries. In future decades, those segments will become a crucial component of the infrastructure and maintenance of society in any country, powering all economic activity.

When facing your next mission-critical challenges in conventional or renewable energy technologies, SOCANIN’s market knowledge, as well as technical and project management expertise, can be trusted to fill the gaps of your current project team. We will work by your side, under your direction, to make certain your innovations and capital expenditure projects deliver on their promises.

SOCANIN offers a complete suite of Project Support Services to the Energy industries, from a few individual consultants to complete project management teams. Our experts can help you meet the technical, schedule and budget objectives of your construction and infrastructure projects in the hydro, wind, solar, and oil & gas industries.

PHOSTECH LITHIUM – LifePower P2 – Süd Chemie, Candiac, Quebec, Canada

Phostech Lithium developed their greenfield Life Power P2 project in Candiac, Quebec to construct the first full-scale plant in the world that could produce 2,400 tons of LiFePO4 per year. LiFePO4 is a safe, high-power cathode material for rechargeable lithium-ion batteries used in hybrid and electric vehicles, solar and wind energy storage, as well as power tools.

The project would focus on producing a consistent quality material from a larger “first of its kind” wet chemical processing unit.

SOCANIN organized the project set-up, the property selection, negotiation and purchase for the owner. SOCANIN advanced commercial and technical studies and coordinated the acquisition of the requisite permits and grants for the Candiac plant.
SOCANIN was integrated with the owner’s Project Management team and represented the owner in management of this one-of-a-kind demonstration plant during the phases of engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and claim resolution management.

ENERKEM WESTBURY – Demonstration Plant, Westbury, Quebec, Canada

SOCANIN, as the owner’s representative, led the owner’s Project Management team and managed the engineering, procurement, construction and construction permitting.

SOCANIN assigned key technical personnel to work alongside the owner. The initial project estimate was developed by SOCANIN and monitored throughout the development of the scope of works

ENERKEM ALBERTA BIOFUELS, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Enerkem’s greenfield project, Enerkem Alberta Biofuels, was part of a comprehensive municipal waste-to-biofuels initiative. Enerkem’s plant would produce and sell next-generation biofuels from non-recyclable and non-compostable municipal solid waste.

The project planned to use Enerkem’s proprietary technology to produce cellulosic methanol from non-recyclable waste, including construction and demolition debris from institutional, commercial and industrial sectors. The project, now complete, is the world’s first major collaboration between a metropolitan centre and a waste-to-biofuels producer aimed at turning municipal waste into methanol and ethanol and has become one of the first commercial advanced biorefineries in the world.

SOCANIN was integrated with the owner’s Project Management team and represented the owner during the procurement phases of the construction of the Edmonton plant. SOCANIN’s commercial insight proved particularly valuable by demonstrating the economic advantages in modularization and opening the procurement field to global suppliers.

VANERCO – Ethanol Cellulosic Plant, Varennes, Quebec, Canada

Enerkem and Greenfield Ethanol planned to build Quebec’s first full-scale cellulosic ethanol facility. It would be a brownfield site located in Varennes, Quebec, Canada, next to Greenfield Ethanol’s current first-generation biofuels facility and would have a production capacity of approximately 36 million litres per year.

The Varennes facility would use Enerkem’s proprietary technology to produce cellulosic ethanol from non-recyclable waste construction and demolition debris from institutional, commercial and industrial sectors.

SOCANIN provided an experienced project management team to represent Enerkem during the planning phase, project estimate and the project set-up.

SOCANIN also participated in the production of several commercial and technological validation studies.

ENERKEM – Pilot Plant, Westbury, Quebec, Canada

SOCANIN was part of the owner’s team and provided services to represent Enerkem in the management of the engineering, procurement and construction of their pilot plant. It also helped obtaining the permits for the ethanol pilot unit. A very aggressive construction schedule had to be maintained for this project.