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Construction Project Management Process – When to call upon specialists?

Construction Project Management Process – When to call upon specialists?


Here is our simple solution: surround yourself with a team of professionals specialized in
organization and planning. With our experience in the market and the expertise of our
team, we will be able to accompany you in your process. Here is a description of the
different poles that make up a standard project:

The Client

At Socanin, our role is to assist the client in planning their project with their existing
team. Each project is different, but the basic principle is the same. The key to success is
to have the right players to complete the client’s team and to get the job done on
budget, on time while respecting the health and safety codes, all with impeccable
quality. When the client understands that he needs to strengthen his team and that all
elements are evaluated at the beginning of the mandate, it is easier to follow these
criteria. Taking the strengths of each resource and adding the missing skills is a
guarantee of success!

The project director

The Project Director must work with his client to establish the implementation of the
project. At Socanin we will ask you these questions:
What ? Determine the client’s needs and know their history
Who ? Identify the people involved and their roles
Where ? Establish a project location according to the identified needs
When ? Pinpoint critical project dates
How ? Develop the proposed work method to achieve the project
How much ? Assess the available budget and whether it is suitable
Why ? Ensure project objective and reasons for it’s development
This method allows to establish the direction of the project and to identify the team to
be set up. When the criteria are clearly established, the Director can then complement
the Client’s team, with his own professionals, to provide him with a complete and
effective management.

The team

At Socanin, we focus on customer satisfaction. Our team is made up of numerous
resources in several disciplines that are available according to the client’s needs in
several markets. Because we have proven management tools and an organizational

approach, it is easy, for us, to quickly take ownership of a project even during a

The proper management

The coordination of each resource is the key to the success of a project. The goal is to
get reliable collaboration of all; Client, professionals, Municipality, Contractor and other
partners having as a common goal the great success of the project. At Socanin we are
the conductor who makes sure that everyone is organized. It is essential that everyone
plays their role and is dedicated to the project. It is necessary to protect ourselves from
delays which are too often caused by a lack of fluidity and follow-up of the
responsibilities of everyone. Our human values, based on customer support, push us to
respect the strengths of each of our partners to achieve our objectives.

You have a project, and you have questions? Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be
happy to discuss and help you see more clearly!

To allow you to get an efficient technical implementation and an adequate execution of
your work, think Socanin!