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Over the decades, cost and schedule overruns have emerged as critical elements in the vast majority of building and infrastructure construction projects.

Overruns are now so predictable that they are included in project budgets and contract clauses under Penalties.

Both private and public sectors are affected by economic and social fallout from non-compliance with project costs and schedules.

When government projects are involved, it’s the public which directly feels the impact of budget and scheduling overruns. A portion of taxes can defray the costs of overruns and delays, but taxpayers suffer through construction delays in major infrastructures which are part of their daily lives.

Combined with the “serious” ethical and integrity crisis in the construction industry (including partners), this depicts a situation fostering a negative social climate and public opinion towards any project.

Above all, this situation is a sign of inadequate project evaluation.

How can we justify repeating these errors, from evaluation and throughout a project?

The reasons identified are numerous and some observers have questioned the competence level of some of the players.

The good old “Peter principle” would partly explain project cost and schedule overruns.

To remedy this situation, SOCANIN proposes the “PIETER Principle”.

Pieter Heeren is President of SOCANIN, a company he founded to provide exclusive project management services to all major project owners.

He created his business to meet market demands that could not be overlooked.

SOCANIN prioritizes project deadlines and budgets for optimal profitability.

To meet these objectives, SOCANIN offers a scalable 5-part approach that fits all:

(a) customer comes first

(b) unique positioning in planning, management and commissioning

(c) available to meet budget and deadlines

(d) a talented team that respects our values

(e) tailor-made offer for the client.

Since 2003, SOCANIN has acquired in-depth expertise and knowledge in a wide range of industries, in Canada and abroad.

Pieter Heeren and his team are committed to continuing on the same track to the benefit of its clients.

Companies partnering with SOCANIN will be able to measure the success and influence of their business, while respecting project budget and schedules.

This is an exceptional offer in an industry facing a number of risks on a daily basis without tackling the underlying issues.  

To learn more about our services or to discuss with Mr. Pieter ‘s Heeren about your project, contact us!