The road is ahead

The Transport industry is a fascinating and dynamic environment that will never stop expanding. Although technical, scheduling and budget constraints are key focus with any project, logistics and urbanism can bring additional challenges to transportation.

With upcoming demographic changes – such as an aging population and movements between cities and suburbs – air, rail and road transportation will require new infrastructure and assembly/production facilities.

SOCANIN has been involved with impressive projects in the Transport industry. Our project managers are not afraid of getting involved in large-scale projects; rather, a project’s complexity adds to the motivation of our experienced managers.

BOMBARDIER AEROSPACE, Mirabel, Quebec, Canada

Bombardier Aerospace expanded its existing facilities in Mirabel to include the new CSeries production campus.  The project involved the construction of a new building and its integration with the existing plant.  Key equipment installations included:

  • New CSeries production campus;
  • Electrical and mechanical upgrades to CIASTA (Complete Integrated Aircraft Systems Test Area);
  • Electrical upgrades (XP) to hangar Y and FTV (Fly Test Vehicle) assembly centre;
  • Integration of the CSeries campus to the existing plant (partial electrical and mechanical standards upgrades to the existing facility); and

Construction of the validation laboratory.

SOCANIN was assigned at a critical time during the detailed engineering / procurement and construction phases; tasked to perform audits and lead the diverse project teams.  SOCANIN was responsible for the project’s costs and schedule control, the administration of all contracts, the monitoring of engineering and design, the claim resolution management, and the general construction management.

SOCANIN’s focus on priorities allowed for a renewal of the trust amongst the internal team, the contractors and the professionals involved.  This focus led to an improved work environment which was a key factor in delivering the project on time and within the original budget.

Hong Kong INTERNATIONAL AIPORT, China (Hong Kong)

Lying at the hub of a global region that reaches throughout Asia and Australia, Hong Kong International Airport is projected to handle eighty million passengers per year by 2040—the same number currently seen in Heathrow (London) and John F. Kennedy (JFK – New York), combined.

SOCANIN provided construction management services and supervision for the building completion and interior finishing of the Airport’s T1 terminal (570,000 sqm), one of the largest terminal buildings in the world.


SOCANIN provided management services and construction supervision for the construction of the Kwai Chung viaduct on a section of Highway 3, a road linking Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon Peninsula to Hong Kong International Airport and the continent. The overall construction project totalled over $600M.

The Kwai Chung project extends for 3 kilometres: from the Rambler Channel in the north, through the Kwai Chung container port, and to the south in the reclaimed land of West Kowloon. The mainline deck is typically 40 metres wide but can go up to 60 metres at the junctions with ramps. The structure is constituted of about 100 spans, generally 35 meters long and made from precast u-beams erected by specially designed launching equipment to span the portals.